Healy brings to the direct selling industry the rapidly growing wearables market, which is projected to have shipped an estimated 305 million units this year, up from 127 million in 2018. Their success gives clues to where society is headed as well as a glimpse at technological advances beginning to emerge as this decade comes to a close.
Healy is the leading provider of wearable wellness technology for the direct selling Industry. Healy is a subsidiary of the internationally operating TimeWaver group. Our common vision is that all people should have the opportunity to live a holistically healthy life. Utilizing Information Field technology, over 2,000 doctors, practitioners and other therapists have used the frequency therapy of the Healy and TimeWaver systems.
65 respected direct sales industry veterans and top income earners, equating to countless hundreds of years of dedication, joined with Healy corporate to launch in Q1 2019. Since then they have spent millions in becoming fully licensed and operational in 42 countries as well as being translated for over 30 languages.
The Wearable for a Holistic Healthy Life
Always the right frequency for life... The Healy is a certified wearable that uses individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress.
All the Way with Healy
Isnít it a great feeling to feel strong, active and healthy? A healthy body and mind means quality of life, after all.
Thatís why the Healy offers you applications to help you stay fit, and bioenergetically regenerate and reduce pain. It is designed to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and find peace in the evening. The Healy is meant help you to increase your vitality to improve the flow of your energy reserves and to activate your energy reservoirs.
Bobby Brown
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