The Super Secret -Super Patches
The technology in VoxxLife’s Super Patches use a neurohaptic pattern specially integrated into each wellness and performance product. Contact with it triggers a neural response in the brainstem that helps instantly improve balance, and stability, as well as manage pain: NO PAIN MEDICATION NEEDED!
It does this through a special touch-based pattern embedded into each product that activates a specific sequence of receptors in your skin. The skin receptors generate a neural response in the brain that leads to improved neurological function especially balance and stability.
In short, VoxxLife’s Super Patches are essential to improve your day-to-day balance and in the long run, can even potentially help you live longer. Stability and balance can be taken for granted as we get older, however, VoxxLife’s technology is a way to help combat or even slow down the negative effects aging can have on our bodies in relation to stability and balance.
This is the only product in the world that relies on the neuro-haptic system that every single one of us has to optimize our neurology and optimize our health! Imagine having the only gas station in town and everyone has to come to you to fill up! There is no other company on this planet that has this type of wellness neuro-technology thus, you have absolutely NO COMPETITION!
If You Have Any Questions or Concerns Please Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime: Bobby Brown Independent Associate: bobbybrown5245@gmail.com  719-661-5647
It only cost $50 to start your Super Patch Business, which is a small price to pay to have such a POWERFUL Wellness Technology at your fingertips!
If you are ready to get started simpley Click Here:  You will be taken my personal "Secure Server" Corporate Website. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page where is says: "JOIN" Click On Registration and just complete the form.My personal contact information will be at the top of the page...It's Just That Simple!
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