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Anovite, a whole food company providing the opportunity to age more gracefully and add fruitful years to your life, announced multimillion-dollar earners, industry leaders and top trainers Shannon & Rachette Pardue & Salien Liles joining Anovite. Their mission has been to empower people to live their best life possible, recognizing that every person is an important part of the team. Shannon Pardue says “Network Marketing is the real American dream, with the right leadership, scientifically-backed products, and a business plan designed to allow everyone to reach their personal goals, no matter how large or small. After months of research, we knew Anovite shared our values, and an uncompromising commitment to be the gold standard in this industry. There’s something incredibly special here at Anovite.”
Anovite’s owner Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith has built the company on a foundation of honesty and ethics. Collaboration with the field is of key importance to Anovite, field leadership has 50% voting rights on all decisions made. Their incredible compensation plan is duplicatable and designed for real families.  When asked, how is Anovite different? Dr. Kleinsmith answered, “For starters, we are a product-oriented company 30 years in the making with more research and 3rd party validation than any other whole food company on the market. Most importantly, we take the meaning of our name to heart. Anovite in Latin means “A New You”, and our goal is to support and develop our reps to create a new lifestyle that includes being the best version of themselves physically and financially.  For instance, most MLM’s offer car programs, but with many strings attached. We believe the distributor earned it, so we call our program, lifestyle bonuses; distributors spend lifestyle earnings on whatever their needs are groceries, orphanages in Africa, minivans, education . . . their choice. Allowing you to be a successful YOU, is the backbone of our success.”
In addition, their whole food products are scientifically validated with over 700,000 combined research studies. Our first goal is to help one million people live a better life physically & financially. Awards & accolades include:
-People’s Choice Award 2012 & 2013, 2016 & 2018
-Over 100+ International Editorials in Healthy Living Magazine
-Over 180,000 Studies on Colostrum6 & over 300,000 studies on LimuZ’s components
-The Only True 6-Hour Colostrum 3rd Party Test & Validated by Cornell University College of Veterinary Science
Two ways to earn with Anovite
Share Products: Let your friends and associates know about Anovite products and when they buy, you earn commissions off the sales of the products.
Build a Business: With Anovite, you can start your own business, build a team of sales reps under you, and earn money from their sales.
Anovite provides you a unique way to earn income while enriching your health with life changing products. We offer support to our clients with marketing materials, training videos, and samples to help you live a life on your terms.
Begin the journey and change your life.
Hello, my names is Bobby Brown and I am an Independent Associate with Anovite. As you can see by the photo to the left, I really enjoy playing gold with my son Christopher here in Colorado Springs, and the powerful business model of Anovite's allows me to do that anytime I want to. I encourage you to take a close look at this company and their powerful Cholostrum based products, they truly are LIFE CHANGING & REWARDING!!
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