Our customer retention systems and product loyalty programs that promote stability... plus FREE live customer support and a generous Premier Membership Rewards program.
Our proven back-end marketing system, Our product catalog and numerous touch points each month will educate your customers and help stimulate product re-orders to create more revenue for YOU!
Our NEW cutting edge wellness tool that provides you with an online guide that helps you take control of your everyday quality of health and wellness and reduce potential health risks based on lifestyle, age and gender.
Cooperative marketing program
Additionally, you can leverage the power of our unique Cooperative Marketing Program and branded advertising model - your competitive edge in a media-driven world. This time-tested model has been generating monthly income for Indpendent Business Owners for over a decade!
With the Cooperative Marketing business model, you can acquire media contacts directly from our company, and position yourself to earn revenue from customers generated by the companyís television, radio, print, direct mail and internet advertising efforts.
Our time-tested approach to business and successful living creates synergy between the company and Indpendent Business Owners-who work together to acquire media contacts and customers that could generate weekly cash flow and monthly residual income for you!
Everything you need to get started TODAY!
Get started immediately: no experience necessary, no special skills required. Enrollment is FREE (There is a $10 US/$12 CDN & AUS monthly charge that covers your back office, business building tools, our cutting edge wellness tool and much more. )
PLUS: There are no employees or employee taxes to deal with... and stocking inventory and handling product is not required!
We invite you to reclaim your future and begin your journey toward personal wellness, wealth and purpose, starting today. Take control... and experience the  Difference!  Learn More Today
Hello, my name is Bobby Brown and I have been with this company for over 12 Years. In Business, Timing is Everything!We have a well established health & wellness company that is at the forefront of the personalized wellness care revolution and the unique opportunity to build a business with customers from the media. As an Independent Business Owner, you will be positioned to take full advantage of this and build a profitable business while helping others live a greater quality of life. I look forward to working with you!
Additionally, you will benefit from:
Our time-tested business model with a 17-year track record of success could profoundly impact your life by helping you reach your full physical and financial potential.
To be successful in any business, you need customers. The problem many people run into when starting a business is getting customers. At first, you reach out to your family and friends, and then what? Then you need to advertise, whether spending time using social networking or spending money on paid advertising. For most entrepreneurs, acquiring and servicing customers is very difficult and challenging. In fact, most businesses fail because they canít find and keep enough customers.
We have solved this problem with our powerful Cooperative Media Programs in which they acquire Media Contacts and Customers from TV, Radio, Print and Online Advertising. In fact, since 1999 we have acquired over 1 Million Customers in this way and continues to add new customers on a regular basis.
You can partner with us by helping us offset some of our media costs. You in turn would gain the "Lifetime Commission Rights" to the purchases that these customers made.  Imagine having a real business with more customers being added on a regular basis. And when you refer others that might want to have their own business, you can get paid generous rewards and commissions!
AS SEEN ON TV: You have seen some of our cutting edge products on TV for many years now. We've been proponents of wellness since day one. We take pride in how we inspire others to experience overall wellness, and welcome you to take advantage of the opportunity to create wealth for your life purposes.We want you to have the kind of prosperity that will enable you to pursue your life purposes and reach a greater level of financial freedom. The ITBO opportunity is a way of generating a stream of income while simultaneously bringing wellness to the world.