STEP 1: The Biotech Breakthrough
STEP 2: The Big Weight Loss Lie
If you have 10... 20... 30 pounds or more to lose and you're an adult over 40 your body is releasing this fat-storing enzyme and you could be suffering from visceral "death fat" Now with Xelliss you can eliminate belly bloat and prevent the storage of "death fat".
What Visceral Fat Does To Your Body...
Body fat is influenced by a lot more than just exercise and nutrition. Toxins are everywhere.
Too many toxins in your system can halt fat loss in its tracks, despite perfect nutrition and exercise.
When you lose fat, toxins are released from fat cells, and circulate within the body. That’s why you reach fat loss plateaus.
Detoxification must be tailored to your unique body, or you can do more damage than good.
Our body holds onto Belly Fat in order to protect our organs from the toxins.
Spread the word about X3 MicroBiome and its ability to facilitate cellular detox thus allowing for a safe release of belly fat.
STEP 3: The Patented Technology
Below is a zoom video with Tim Edwards and Tino Bacchetta who gives a tour of the lab and explains the process and state of the art technology used to grow the pure microalgae used in the Xelliss products.The quality of the video while Tino is in the lab is not the best in places but the information is so good we encourage everyone to watch it!
The spirulina and phycocyanin used in Xelliss products are derived from their European photobioreactor cultivation - a system in which the crop is grown in pristine mountain spring water.Photobioreactors allow spirulina to be cultivated in a closed environment for which the parameters are completely controlled. This cultivation ensures the absence of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, and more.
How Does It Work?
To see and feel the benefits of X3 MicroBiome®, simply add one sachet of the tasteless powder into your favorite morning beverage and go about your day as usual.
That’s it.
No big or awkward pills to swallow...
No need to kill yourself at the gym...
No need to deprive yourself of the foods you love.
Fast, easy and comfortable weight loss like you've never experienced before
You can shrink your waist while boosting your mood and energy without making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle
Introducing X3 MicroBiome®
A patented super food with Symbiotic Technology clinically proven to reduce body fat, flatten the curve on how your body absorbs sugar and improve gut heal
X3 MicroBiome® is a potent blend of three active ingredients…
Composed of a patented strain of living bacterium of Bifidobacterium lactis, a soluble fiber, and our high grade A3-Nat proprietary strain of spirulina.
These three ingredients work in symbiosis to provide exponential growth of the good bacteria in the gut helping you lose weight…
Which as a holistic consequence can lead to the support in physical, mental and immune well-being.
X3 MicroBiome® is clinically tested and proven to
Reduce cravings and make you feel more full when you eat because of it’s satiating effect
Flattens the curve of blood glucose levels after meals
Increase bathroom regularity
Prevent the formation of new fatty deposits
Target and reduce abdominal visceral fat
Identify which specific strand of CFU is needed for each individual person, giving them only the strand they need to balance their own microbiome
3 MicroBiome® is the most effective symbiotic in the world clinically tested and proven to reduce body fat and prevent the forming of new fatty deposits...
If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About The XELLISS Product Line or Business Model Please Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime.
Bobby Brown or 719-661-5647
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The 21st century environment a key factor:
We live in an increasingly degraded environmental context: air, water, soil…In addition, the cultivation of spirulina is greedy in water, it requires quality sunshine, clean cultured water to guarantee its quality.
Cultivating quality spirulina, free from contamination, is therefore a real challenge in traditional cultivation (in outdoor pools) in such a context of multiple pollution and being subject to climatic hazards.Xelliss thus naturally made the choice to cultivate its spirulina in photobioreactors.